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Here you will find forms and guides for our community programs, information about diverse business classifications for our suppliers, our press kit, our equal opportunity policies for prospective team members and suppliers, and financial reports. 


You can view and download all forms and documents related to the Affordable Housing Program (AHP). All documents must be submitted electronically to a secure portal workspace.

Policy Updates and RegulationsDownload

Changes to AHP Compliance Requirements and Retention Documentation 

2015 AHP Competitive Application Changes and Clarifications

2021 AHP Implementation Plan Revisions

Revised Homeless Households Definition, 2017 AHP Competitive Application Changes, and Miscellaneous Clarifications

2020 AHP Competitive Application Changes

New Amended AHP Regulations

AHP and WISH/IDEA Updates

2016 AHP Competitive Application Changes and Disbursement Policy Clarification

2018 AHP Competitive Application Changes

2021 AHP Competitive Application Changes

AHP and WISH Updates

Additional 2021 AHP Application and General Program Changes

Subsidy Repayments: Calculating a Homeowner's Net Gain on Sale or Refinance

2019 AHP Competitive Application Changes

Compliance Monitoring Site Visits

2021 Targeted Community Lending Plan

Additional 2020 AHP Competitive Application Changes and Homeless Definition Clarification

Homeownership Subsidy Repayments: Third Party Documentation Requirements for Household Investments and Capital Improvements

AHP Project Acquisition Costs

2021 AHP and WISH/IDEA Updates

Additional 2017 AHP Competitive Application Changes