Resources for First-Time Homebuyers

FHLBank San Francisco is not a retail bank, so we don’t offer funds or products directly to homebuyers. To access grants from our first-time homebuyer programs, the homebuyer will need to contact a participating member financial institution. Many public housing agencies and local nonprofit homeownership or homebuyer counseling agencies can also be helpful in connecting a homebuyer with a financial institution that is participating in our programs or with other downpayment assistance programs.

WISH First-Time Homebuyer Program

Our WISH first-time homebuyer matching grants are delivered through participating member financial institutions, often working with local nonprofit homeownership or homebuyer counseling agencies.

WISH grants can help first-time homebuyers overcome the biggest barrier to homeownership: downpayment and closing costs. Targeted to individuals and families earning up to 80% of the area’s median income, these programs match $4 for every $1 a homebuyer contributes toward the purchase of a home, up to the Federal Housing Finance Agency annual maximum subsidy limit.

Interested homebuyers should review eligibility requirements for WISH before getting in touch with a member that’s currently participating in this program.

Affordable Housing Resources

To learn about other affordable housing opportunities in your area, contact your county or city housing authority, or visit:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development – offers consumer information regarding homeownership assistance programs, rental and homebuying assistance programs, consumer workshops, a searchable database to tap information about homes

Mortgage Bankers Association of America – a national membership association that offers homebuying tips, information about refinancing, detailed news on purchasing, owning and managing a home mortgage

National Low Income Housing Coalition – a national policy advocacy organization that provides fact sheets and a list of frequently asked questions on topics ranging from homeownership to public housing to homeless assistance

Freddie Mac – offers extensive information and resources on buying vs. renting, how to get ready to purchase a home, and the mortgage process – Fannie Mae offers information and resources on homebuying, including a mortgage calculator