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Access to Housing and Economic Assistance for Development (AHEAD) Program

The AHEAD Program supports targeted economic development projects and non-AHP-eligible housing initiatives that create or preserve jobs, deliver social services, training or educational programs, or other services and programs that benefit low- and moderate-income communities. AHEAD grants are awarded through members to community groups annually.


Key Advantages

Key Features and Guidelines

Funds Available

The amount of funds available for AHEAD Program grants is posted on the Bank's website annually.

Eligible Projects

Project sponsors must be nonprofit organizations engaged in community development activities in Arizona, California, or Nevada; projects must also be located in these three states. To be eligible for an AHEAD grant, a project must meet the Bank’s qualifications for its Advances for Community Enterprise (ACE) Program, which provides advances for projects: offer services or benefits to low- to moderate-income households, result in the creation or retention of jobs in the community, or facilitate public or private infrastructure projects. Housing projects that might be eligible for funding from the Bank’s Affordable Housing Program funding will not be eligible for AHEAD grants.

Eligible Uses of Funds


Application deadlines and materials are posted on the Bank's website annually.

Review Process

The Bank will approve grants based on evaluation of the grant application. Member commitment, whether financial or otherwise, will be considered in the grant selection process. Project sponsors must demonstrate the capacity to execute the proposed project within an 18-month timeframe.

Disbursement of Funds

Funds will be provided through a grant to the member. The project sponsor must request disbursement of the grant by the last business day of the calendar year following the effective date of the AHEAD Program Agreement executed by the member and the project sponsor. The member must disburse the funds to the project sponsor within 30 days of receipt of funds from the Bank. The grant is not an indebtedness of the member or the project sponsor and will not be secured by a retention mechanism. Grant funds must be used within 18 months of the effective date of the award, or may be subject to recapture or repayment..


Within 18 months of notification of the AHEAD award, the project sponsor is required to provide the member and the Bank with a one-time report outlining the status of the project. The report must include financial statements or other documentation showing expenditures of the grant funds and explain any significant variances to the proposed use of the grant, as stated in the application. 

Last Modified: May 2017